Eduardo Gómez

Flute and Piccolo

2019-2020 Season

Eduardo Gómez

Venezuelan-born Eduardo Gómez began his music studies at Vicente Emilio Sojo Conservatory. His studies continued in Caracas at the Simón Bolívar Conservatory with the Maestro José García Guerrero. Gómez has studied with Giorgio Zagnoni, Victor Rojas, Shigerori Kudo, Luis Julio Toro, Robert Aitken, José Antonio Naranjo, Michael Hasel, Michel Bellavance, Marco Granado, Philippe Bernold, Betty Nieswandt, Peter-Lukas Graf and Jean Louis Beaumadier.

In 1997, Eduardo Gómez settled in Montreal, Canada, where he won a position with the Montreal Symphonic Community Orchestra. In 1998, Gómez won a position in the Lara Symphonic Orchestra, which toured Brazil, Mexico, Curacao, Spain and France. He has performed as a soloist with the Lara Symphonic Orchestra, Lara Youth Orchestra, Maturín Symphonic Orchestra, UCLA Chamber Music Orchestra, Mérida State’s Symphonic Orchestra, Táchira’s Simón Bolívar Symphonic Orchestra, 1st Woodwind Festival of Venezuela, 2nd Flute National Reunion and 1st Lara State’s Young Flutists Festival from the Youth and Children Orchestras System (El Sistema). He has been awarded with an honorable mention at the 1st Yamaha National Contest “Music of Venezuela” in Caracas.

Gómez has been invited twice to the prestigious Annual National Flute Association Convention (Atlanta 1999 and New York 2009) to perform with Flutist’s National Orchestra of Venezuela. Gomez performed solo pieces at the National Flute Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Gómez has taught at the Flute and Piccolo International Festival 2011 (Venezuela), 9th Flute International Reunion South of the World (Chile), Argentina (Mendoza), VII and VIII Acofla International Festival (Costa Rica) and to the VI Transverse Flute Festival (Honduras). He was also invited to the Centro Cultural Simón Bolívar inauguration in Montreal, Canada. Performing in concert with music group A TRIO and Ensemble Nueva Segovia in Toronto and Ottawa.

Gómez has made three recordings: Música Latino-Americana, Live á Montreal, Ottawa Live, and Musica Latinoamericana with Ensemble Nueva Segovia.

In addition to his career as a performing artist, Gomez is a Flute Finisher Technician for Nagahara Flutes in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. His demonstration vídeos of the innovative MINI Nagahara are available on the Nagahara Flutes website and YouTube.